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In recognition of this belief, Friends of Recovery of Delaware, Chenango, and Otsego Counties, Inc. will maintain the following basic philosophy in the utilization of volunteer services:

  • Volunteers are people with skills and needs.
  • The properly trained and supported volunteer will be a good ambassador to the community at large.
  • Most jobs within FOR-DO can be extended, reinforced, or enriched by a volunteer contribution. In no circumstances will a volunteer be a replacement for paid staff.
  • Appropriate selection, placement, training, and supervision of volunteers is essential so that the special
    skills each person brings to the job can be best utilized to the benefit of FOR-DO and the volunteers
  • The benefit that can result from a good volunteer and staff partnership exceeds the administrative effort
  • Timely and meaningful recognition is key to the retention of volunteers.



The utilization of volunteers provides a cost-effective means of supporting staff as well as assisting in the enhancement of service delivery. Staff at all levels should have the opportunity to be involved in planning effective utilization of volunteers. A well managed volunteer program can contribute to improved quality and quantity of services. Our mission is best served by the active participation of community citizens. To this end, we accept and encourage the involvement of volunteers at all levels of the organization and within all appropriate programs and activities. 


  1. THE RIGHT TO BE TREATED AS A CO-WORKER – not just “free help;” not as a “prima donna.”
  2. THE RIGHT TO A SUITABLE ASSIGNMENT – with consideration for personal preference, life experience, education, and employment background.
  3. THE RIGHT TO KNOW AS MUCH ABOUT THE AGENCY AS POSSIBLE – its policies, people, and programs.
  4. THE RIGHT TO TRAINING FOR THE JOB – thoughtfully planned and effectively presented.
  5. THE RIGHT TO CONTINUING EDUCATION ON THE JOB – as a follow-up to initial training; information about new developments; training for greater responsibility.
  6. THE RIGHT TO SOUND GUIDANCE AND DIRECTION – by someone who is experienced, well- informed, patient, and thoughtful and who has time to invest in giving guidance.
  7. THE RIGHT TO A PLACE TO WORK – an orderly, designed environment, conducive to work, and worthy of the job to be done.
  8. THE RIGHT TO MOBILITY AND A VARIETY OF EXPERIENCES – through advancement to assignment or more responsibility; through transfer from one activity to another; through special project assignments.
  9. THE RIGHT TO BE HEARD – to have a part in planning; to feel free to make suggestions; to have respect shown for an honest opinion.
  10. THE RIGHT TO RECOGNITION – in the form of promotion and award (or some tangible evidence); through day-to-day expressions of appreciation; and by treatment as a bona fide co-worker. 


Volunteers working for Friends of Recovery of Delaware and Otsego Counties, Inc. will demonstrate the following:

  1. Dependability in providing immediate notice if unable to attend at an assigned time.
  2. Appreciation for the confidential nature of the work.
  3. Loyalty to the organization, its staff and other volunteers.
  4. Willingness to comply with requirements, regulations and procedures.
  5. Respect – Treat all individuals with a sense of dignity, respect, and worth. Make a personal commitment to be nonjudgmental about cultural differences, living conditions and the life-style of each person with whom I work. Be courteous and polite in all of my actions.
  6. A sincere desire to provide help and assistance to people.
  7. Safety – Wear appropriate clothing. All items of clothing must be suitable for the work environment and should not contain offensive or objectionable material. Follow safe workplace practices, including participation in applicable education sessions, using appropriate personal safety equipment and reporting accidents, injuries, and unsafe situations. Report suspicious activities to the appropriate legal authorities.
  8. Collaboration – Be a team player. Keep an open mind and value the input and suggestions of my fellow volunteers, hosts, co-workers, and colleagues. Come to decisions democratically. Seek consensus. Be patient when working on group projects. React with grace when your idea is not the one chosen. Support your project to the best of your ability. 

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From program facilitation to building maintenance and everything inbetween, we are always looking for dedicated volunteers to assist us in providing services to the community.